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Memory Fragments


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External Services:
  • karenkk@livejournal.com
Nationality: Chinese/Australian
Current Obsession: fanfiction writing and reading, anime, manga
Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist, The Prince of Tennis, Harry Potter

I write fanfics in English and Chinese. Entries in this journal are mostly anime and manga related. They contain yaoi and sometimes mature themes.

My fictions in Chinese can be accessed here. The majority of them are in the Prince of Tennis fandom and Tezuka-related. English ones will be in this journal.

karenkk got stamped Riza Hawkeye at hagaren_rating.

Have You Taken the Oath?

Roy x Ed Doujinshis are Love

RoyxEd is cannon love.

Roy and Hughes are sexy soldiers love.

Roy with wings is trying to copy Edward love.

SoubixRitsuka is Underaged Defiant Love

'What if?' SoubixRitsuka is Adorable crack!Love

We Support the 'Taisa for All' Movement

Roy Mustang is teh love smex
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