A Request

Does anyone have the scan of Acid Android most recent album's booklet, or willing point me to the right direction? Many thanks in advance!

And I'm still trying to find a report about VAMPS and SADS very, very glamorous night together T^T How I wish there were ways that I could somehow separate my soul from my body so I could see this live even while I was a way in a business trip T^T

Ken-Silent Stroll

Funnily, the first thing that popped into my head when I watched the PV the first thing that popped into my head was that "Uhm... Ken-chan, I thought you quite smoking already...T^T" Don't quit know whether it is the tear of joy or sadness... while the thought of potentially seeing a super smexy ken-chan with his super long legs, open collar shirt, and a cancer stick between his lips, having organismic expression on his face while making love to playing his guitar made my knees go weak, it is bad for him... *sigh* I'm such a confused fan...

Interesting, the girl featured in the PV is exactly the type that I imagine him would settle into a stable relationship with despite our bad boy's years of talk about his obsession with ladies with impressive assets etc. Then I went =[]= when she started throwing plates... I do appreciate that she didn't purposely throw the whole thing on his head... Oh Ken-chan! I knew your womanizing way would one day get you into trouble and I don't care what the PV trying to imply

As far as the song goes, I would give it a B+. Ken-chan's vocal... really really really love it!!! I kinda wish that next year the Laruku boys would introduce a new version of Punk with him on vocal! However, as far as sad ballad goes, nothing beats his version of Shiroi Hana, OMG that song made me cry.... hence the rating. Plus I found the actual PV and the plot contained much more interesting, especially the last part where the girl sat down next to the sofa where Ken-chan was lying on, she thought he was asleep only to find his arm around her. It really makes my fingers itch to write something.

VAMPS - MEMORIES @ Music Station

For those of you on my f-list who hasn't had the opportunity to watch this performance.

I wasn't expecting to be able to find it before heading off to bed. Even though the quality is poor, it still warms my heart. Many thanks for the kind uploader. Will search for a better quality source in the morning.


HYDE-SAMA, you super adorable, beautiful thing!!!!! <33333333

Still no love for the song... but... I admit my defeat to his kawaii face. Must find HQ download.

Not sure which music show this is, but they only played half song again. If I'm not wrong, which I could be, since I hadn't been following the boys closely, they have only promoted this song on TV twice, and both time only performing part of the song. I wonder why. Even though it does nothing for me, it is still sad to see this single selling so poorly.

On the other hand, I was able to get hold of 2 fan made goods, OMG, they are super adorable shopping bags.

Laruku version-


Very obviously based on the Nexus 4 PV. But I wonder why it is tetsuya who looks like he is about to faint from shock, and hyde looking so smug...

VAMPS version-


Dreamy sighs....

The best cure for anxiety, stress, headache etc for any hyde fan girl/ boy... too bad there isn't a higher quality around. A grateful bow to the girl/boy who actually managed to watch all these Metropolis plus more clips many times to put together this fan version. Must have lost loads of blood and brain cells during the process.



It seems Aki, like a fanboy he is, is spending time with Teru. But that is not what caught my attention, it was the ring he is wearing in that photo. Does anyone know how it came by, or how long he has been wearing it?

On the other hand, I must once again admit I'm a terrible fan. Angle Trip's PV has been out quite a few days, and I had only come across it this morning. I'm still not in love with the song, but it is not a surprise to me, as it failed to grab my interest when I first heard the preview. But I'm slightly warming towards his HYDE-ness' new hair colour. Hair extension worked magic. And his beautiful dorkiness made him just so adorable in that PV. I admit I'm so biased here.

He is usually very, very, very beautiful with heavy eye make-up, but I find it a bit strange when he dressed so Bohemian, especially he seemed to in bouncy, lightly naughty mood all the way through. Poor locals seemed to be at lost as to how to treat him. I especially feel sorry for the girl in bikini that HYDE wanted to flirt with. I swear she had look of disbelief on her face LOL

Overall, not my cup of tea, but amused endlessly. Especially considering I was re-watching his VAMPS DVD just yesterday, and thinking OMG, he is so manly nowadays, totally the bad ass mega rock star that he wanted to be, then he reverted back to this, princess of sea LOL

Devil Side

Dear F-list, does any one know the difference between the regular PV of Devil Side and the so called director's cut, both included in the DVD that comes with the single? I only got the Live DVD this time.


OMG!!!!! The android has finally decided to take a break from his otaku life, and reward us with a new album and a tour!!!

acid androidのニューアルバム「13:day:dream」(サーティーン:デイ:ドリーム)が、7月13日にリリースされることが明らかになった。


またフルカワミキがコーラス、百々和宏(MO'SOME TONEBENDER)がギターで参加している楽曲も収録。acid androidの独特の世界観とコラボレートしているのも特徴だ。

なお、acid androidはアルバム発売前にライブハウス公演を仙台、新潟、高崎、東京の4都市で開催。各公演のチケットは5月22日より一般発売開始。


2010年6月19日(土)宮城県 仙台darwin
OPEN 17:00/ START 18:00

2010年6月20日(日)新潟県 新潟LOTS
OPEN 17:00/ START 18:00

2010年6月25日(金)群馬県 高崎club FLEEZ
OPEN 18:00/ START 19:00

2010年7月10日(土)東京都 新木場STUDIO COAST
OPEN 17:00/ START 18:00

With Ken-chan also becoming active, the 2nd half year is definitely getting exciting!

Sorry for the mult-entries, I just can't help myself.

Completely in Fangirl Mode

At first, I thought I was cursed by his HYDE-ness, because in the last a few days I had been laughing my ass off over his new hair cut. Seriously, looking like a mega bad ass rock star isn't the same as looking like a junior in a street gang. *rolls eyes* Not many Asian men can pull the blond look off, and he really picked the worst possible colour. When I first saw it I thought he was wearing a wig... = = Please take notes from yuki and Kiyoharu in the future, because they do it 10000000000000000 times better than you. Then again, I used to hate his fluffy poodle/ instant noodle hair, then it grew on me, I now think it was actually quite adorable on him. Maybe love is blind... *ponders*

Back to the topic on hand. CDJapan never took so long to deliver an order. And I thought I was cursed by his HYDE-ness. But apparently I should count myself lucky, as I now know there are still people who also pre-ordered and not yet see their own copy until now.

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I'm really looking forward to tonight's Music Station... for a reason other than the most obvious one. *snickers*