Karen (karenkk) wrote,

Laruku - Good Luck My Way

Uhm... I'm really not sure whether I like the song... it's very... Hurr Xmas-ish... (no... that is not the right phrase...). When I first listened to the begining part, I thought we would be getting another Bless, not that I would complain, that song warms me up incredibbly, like being wrapped in a super fluffy blanket... but after the beautiful accoustic beginning, it went straight to being catchy and genki... not bad, is catchy... but I haven't found myself falling in love with it.

And leader-sama's very Korean hair cut kills my eyes almost as much as his pink leather jacket... ouch... Sorry, I pick on your style too much ^^b

But the thing that really makes me want to jump up and down is the single will feature the Punk version of the Metroplis, which is what I called the Laruku-smex-song, as hyde-sama is alway, always radiating super sexual aura whenever he performs it. I can't wait to see/hear leader-sama's version of it!
Tags: good luck my way, laruku
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